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500+ Upper Level Practice Questions
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300 Easy to Learn Key Vocabulary Words

Targeted Practice and Strategies for…..

Common Types of Tricky Math Questions
The 5 Common Types of Essay Questions
All 6 Types of Reading Comprehension Questions
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Upper Level Courses:

Upper Level ISEE Reading Comprehension:

Reading Strategies:
Learn strategies for reading ISEE Reading Comprehension passages quickly and efficiently.

The Questions:
Learn how to solve each type of Reading Comprehension Question and practice with test questions
1. Tone
2. Organization
3. Main Idea
4. Inference
5. Supporting Information
6. Vocabulary

Full Test Section:
Practice your skills with a full ISEE Reading Comprehension Test and check your score!

Upper Level ISEE Mathematics:

Prepare for the Upper Level ISEE Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematics Achievement Sections.
Learn how to solve the common tricky questions that almost always appear on the ISEE.

Exponents and Roots
Distance, Rate and Time
Tricky Percents
Imaginary Numbers
Unit Changes
… and More!

Factoring and FOIL-ing
Algebraic Inequalities
Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities
Rational Equations
… and More!

Maximizing and Minimizing Area and Perimeter
Sin, Cos, Tan
Percent Change with Shapes
… and More!

Data and Probability
Finding the New Mean
Box Plots, Stem and Leaf Plots, and Histograms
Expected Values and Probability
Combinations and Permutations
…. and More!

Full Test Section:
Practice your skills with a full Mathematics Achievement ISEE Practice Test and check your score!

Upper Level ISEE Verbal Reasoning:

Learn strategies and skills to master the Upper Level ISEE Verbal Reasoning Section.

Improve your Vocabulary
Study Strategies
Access to Quizlets and Lists to Learn Vocabulary by Category
Essential Prefixes

Strategies for Synonyms
Learn and practice the top strategies for synonym questions

Strategies for Sentence Completion
Learn and practice the the top strategies for single and double blank sentence completion questions.

Full Test Section
Practice your skills with a full Verbal Reasoning ISEE Practice Test and check your score!

The Essay:

Learn how to structure your essays and prepare for all 5 types of common essay questions.

Essay Strategies
Writing, Structuring, and Formatting the Essay

Essay Brainstorming
Learn our 5 ‘P’s for Essay Questions and Brainstorm for Each Type

Practice and Get Feedback
Practice with Two Timed Essay Questions and Get Feedback from a Tutor

The Complete Upper Level ISEE Bundle

Access to All Upper Level Courses

Price: $400 $300

Bundle and Save!


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