Your ISEE Scoring Questions Answered

Many test-takers ask us about the ISEE scoring process. Here are your top three questions, answered! How does ISEE Scoring Work? The ISEE exam has 5 sections in total, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, mathematical achievement, and the essay section. However, the essay is directly submitted to your schools where it is then graded.Continue reading “Your ISEE Scoring Questions Answered”

8 Questions and Answers About Taking the ISEE Test at Home

On April 15th, the Educational Records Bureau announced that there will be an option to take the test online and at home due to the Covid- 19 outbreak. This is what you should know about this new version of the test:

About ISEE Academy

At ISEE Academy, we believe that all students have the potential to succeed on the ISEE with the right preparation. Our courses teach students proven strategies that they can immediately use on the test. In each course, students will watch videos to learn about different types of questions and the applicable strategies. After each videoContinue reading “About ISEE Academy”