3 Steps to Take Today to Start Preparing for the ISEE Test

Schools are online, activities are canceled, and everyone is stuck at home. This is the time to start your ISEE practice and preparation. Here are three steps to help start today.

1. Learn about the test

There are 5 sections on the ISEE. Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics Achievement, and the Essay. All sections are multiple choice except for the essay section. Sections are also scored individually, so there is no cumulative score. Watch this video with your child to learn more about the test and how it is scored.

2. Take timed ISEE practice sections

Since the sections are scored and timed individually, you can have your child take ISEE practice sections one at a time. You can skip the essay section at first and focus on the four multiple choice sections. Use this test from the test maker for your diagnostic test. Sections are slightly shorter because there are no experimental questions but the time-limits are adjusted. The longest section is 36 minutes and the whole test will take less than 2 hours to complete. Use the guide at the end to estimate your child’s score. A general rule of thumb for scoring is to figure out the percentage of answers that were correct and use the 10s digit as your child’s approximate stanine score. This isn’t a perfect system, but it is often pretty accurate.

3. Sign up for an online course for the sections that need improvement

After reviewing your child’s scores from this diagnostic test, work with your child to identify which sections they would like to improve on. Many students decide to practice for all sections, but focus in on the sections that gave them the most difficulty. If there were sections that your child couldn’t finish in time, they should go on this list. Sign up for self-paced online interactive classes at ISEEAcademy.com to improve your child’s score. This will teach them test-taking strategies specific to the ISEE. It will also teach them the essential math concepts they have not learned yet and help them build their vocabulary. They will get to practice with hundreds of test questions and build their confidence through this online platform


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